The tenor and baritone saxophones that I  perform with Human Nature in Las Vegas  are manufactured in Taiwan. I am so pleased with the sound. It's like playing a vintage Selmer Mark vi with no high F# key.

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From my recent trip to Shanghai for the Music China 2018 Trade Show I stumbled upon a booth also from Taiwan selling mouthpieces. I tried the alto first and was blown away at the response it had on my horn. I also grabbed a tenor piece and it has become my number one piece for my tenor.

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Having the best ligature on your mouthpiece is optimum when you are trying to emulate your sound. I made a trip to Maryland and met with George Reeder who is the owner and innovator of the Rovner ligatures. They simply work for my application. Great stuff George!

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Neotech Saxophone Straps

Finding the perfect saxophone strap is so important. It must allow you the comfortability and necessary protection for your neck. I use these straps and they are great. 

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Grover Pro Percussion

Have you ever wondered how you can get that Motown sound?

I am now endorsing the:

Studio Pro™ Tambourine – German Silver

It sounds awesome!

Thanks David Share

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